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Isla Catalina Excursion

“If you dreamed of a Caribbean paradise, you’ll find it right here on Catalina Island.”

Catalina Island or Serena Key as the grower lines are called in their programs is a beautiful white sand island near the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is itself a protected Natural Park where, of course, there is no building. Unknown to many travel agents and tourists, the beach is completely protected from the wind, thanks to which, the sea is always in absolute calm. has prepared a spectacular luxury tour called Catalina VIP. This Catalina Island can be considered an ideal model of fun in the tropics, a kind of living design to handle an area dedicated to tourism while preserving much of the authentic nature. This small island, however, is astounding with its small dimensions that do not reach 15 square kilometers, of which one kilometer of beach has been used for the management of tourists who seek exclusively the fun under the sun taking advantage of perfectly elaborated sands, water of optimum temperature, Sea for all water sports, all the colors of the tropical universe and alternative insulation for a sublime communication with the environment. Catalina Island has three beaches of importance (of the West, North and East), two of which have great potential for the sustainable development of tourism (East and West), although at present only Uses one (the one from the West). In addition to the beaches mentioned above, which occupy more than two-thirds of its coastline, the Catalina has very unique rocky coasts, which border its southern part, forming cliffs in some cases and cliffs in others.

One of the best dive sites in the Dominican Republic, is the spectacular Muro. From the beach, a gentle slope leads to the impressive wall that descends to over 100 meters deep, with two impressive steps at 25 and 40 meters. The entire slope of the beach up to the wall is a veritable upholstery of coral and fauna, a platform of thousands of square meters less than 3 meters in depth, ideal for diving to lung. Possibly the best place in the Caribbean for this activity. Every inch of this background is covered with sponges and coral. The depth of this exceptional and unique terrace varies from 1.5 to 6 meters. Without doubt, it is a privileged place. Another point of diving is The Aquarium. The name says it all. There are amazing coral formations and fauna waiting for you.

Raccoons on Catalina Island
Catalina Island is the only place in the Dominican Republic where you can easily come face to face with raccoons and wild hares, subsisting in a habitat that you have already made yours. Considered exotic in this part of the planet. Although they are allowed to be photographed, they are kept at a safe distance from the tourist. They usually leave in the afternoon of the cambronales in search of food, after the visitors have left. His instincts of conservation is admirable. They have the ability to detect the landing of the cruisers and immediately all go to the unloading area.